Star Stable Blog

A History of Magic on Jorvik

March 17, 2021

Hanna Patch

The world of Star Stable is full of mysteries and wonder. You could say that magic is our legacy. From the first time you encounter the spirit of a blue squirrel or track the burning hoofprints of a dark rider, it’s clear there is more to Jorvik than meets the eye. Jorvegians are a superstitious folk, and for good reason: Jorvik is special.

Magic is all around you, if you know where to look. There is magic in nature, especially in wild places. Follow the pink glowing auroras in the night sky and you might find something unexplainable. If you’ve trained in Soul Riding then you know about “Aideen’s Gift,” the power that comes from the bond between a horse and rider.  A certain ringmaster can work miracles. Witches can be friend or foe. Trees here have power.

Over the years, we’ve encountered several of the once-majestic “Life Wardens,” primeval trees that legend has it were planted by Aideen herself in Jorvik’s mythic past. There’s the apple tree atop Scarecrow Hill whose rare fruit can change a heart. To rescue Lisa, you befriend the tragic Sleeping Widow, whose roots were cut off from her soul mate. And when searching for the reborn spirit of Concorde, the Singing Yew of South Hoof helped Justin unlock his full potential. Perhaps in your exploration of Jorvik you’ve encountered other mysterious trees whose stories have yet to be told. 

There is one Life Warden who has held onto their legendary glory and this tree, The Sentinel, is at the heart of Star Stable’s newest area: The Wildwoods. 

The Sentinel resembles a giant sequoia, but they are larger than any ordinary tree. Like the others of their kind, the Sentinel’s roots stretch to Pandoria – that realm of boundless possibility and wonders. Normally Pandoric energy is toxic to Earth life, but through great effort and sacrifice, The Sentinel has synthesized Pandoria’s miraculous power with nature. Here the trees grow taller, the water is life-giving, animals thrive, and the horses…well, you should probably discover them for yourself. 

The Wildwoods are home to the Jorvik Wilds, an ancient breed found only on this island that resists domestication. These elusive horses are so rarely seen that many Jorvegians doubt they actually exist. But they do exist, and now you can be amongst the first humans to see them in their homeland. 

The living bridge has opened and the Lignos of the Sentinel Tree welcomes you to explore Jorvik’s last truly untamed forest – the Wildwoods. See you on the other side!