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The long-awaited Marwari has finally made its way to Star Stable Online! With its stunning shape and uniquely curved ears, it’s easy to see why the Marwari horse has been at the top of players’ wishlists for such a long time.

“I’m so glad I got to work on the Marwari,” expressed Lisa, one of Star Stable Online’s horse artists. Lisa has been with the company for three years and worked on over 20 different horses during that time, starting with the Generation 3 Connemara. “Our players have been asking for it and researching the breed was so much fun! I learned so much!”

Pre-production of a horse for Star Stable Online

Starting with pre-production, creating a horse for Star Stable Online takes about 12 weeks. The artist assigned to the horse will dive into research right away, gathering photos and videos to create a detailed overview of the breed. The artist and animators will establish Star Stable’s version of the horse, which is based on realism and captures certain unique Jorvegian flair.

“I start looking at references of the Marwari,” shared Ludvig, the main animator on the Marwari horse. “Looking at characteristics and how to make it different from other horses, plus opportunities to make it unique to Star Stable. At a certain point, I leave the references and focus on adding animation principles, which make the horse more appealing in a game environment.”

After 4 years at Star Stable, Ludvig has worked on several horses and other projects, such as Jorvik Ranger Alonso and the Soul Riders. “The more fun projects I’ve been a part of have been the goofiest, like the villain characters Carl and Darko, or even the meanie Mr. Anwir when he turns into a horse-sasquatch.”

During production, the team will host weekly playthrough sessions where they will showcase the horse to different members of the company from every angle and in every situation. Feedback are welcomed and encouraged to help create the best horse possible. From the way the horse looks and moves, right down to how different styles of tack fit on the horse or how specific interactions play out, everything is tested repeatedly.

Unique decorations for the Marwari

The Marwari also offered a unique addition to the game, the first bridle that included a neckpiece. “During our research, we knew we had to do something unique for this breed,” Lisa mentioned. “The Marwari decorations are so bold and so beautiful, the bridle and necklace were the perfect fit to honor their culture.”

Star Stable players agreed, embracing not only the striking new breed but their colorful accessories as well. Herds of Marwari horses now have homes in the stables on Jorvik, and the team can’t wait to show you what’s next!

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