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We hope you’ve all been enjoying the Equestrian Festival celebrations in Star Stable Online. And we feel like there is no better time to share with you some exciting news for Star Stable Horses!

Some time ago we announced that Star Stable Horses, the companion app to Star Stable Online, would be taken care of by our new friends at Bongfish. They’ve been hard at work helping us with creating even more awesome content for you to enjoy! Today we’re really excited to finally share a few cool things we’ve been working on so far by introducing the Gardening Update! And it’s available in Star Stable Horses RIGHT NOW!

The First Big Thing: New Currencies

When you open the game after downloading the Gardening Update this might be one of the first changes you’ll notice, so let’s tackle it right now. We’re introducing two new currencies to the game: Gold Coins and Gems. Don’t worry, you’ll get a little bit of both straight away! 

Gold Coins are a free currency which you’ll earn by selling crops from your garden (more on that in a second). Gems are what we call a ‘premium currency.’ You can buy them with real money and they’re used to purchase special crops and speed-ups.

You may ask why we’re adding a new Gems currency instead of using the Star Coins? It’s a great question and we had thought a lot about our approach to it. When we were planning out updates with Bongfish, we had many conversations about different ways to reward you for logging in and completing tasks every day. We wanted to guarantee that all items available to purchase for Gems will also be obtainable for players who do not spend any real money in the app. If you log in and play Star Stable Horses every day, you’ll eventually be able to get all the cool stuff we have coming to the game. But if you want to speed things up, buying Gems will be an option for you. 

The problem we had was that we were limited by how we could use Star Coins in game, especially since you can play Star Stable Horses without having a Star Stable Online account. We also couldn’t reward players with real money, which has been used to purchase items from the in-game store so far.

We decided that the best solution to this situation would be to make a new currency, which players could purchase for money or earn in game through completing tasks every day. That’s how Gems got created! You’ll be able to use them to buy speed-ups for your Garden and premium crops and seeds. 

In the future you’ll be able to get even more decorative things for you and your horse with Gems, so there is a lot to look forward to! We will be improving the Gems system, including new ways to get them, and new ways of spending them, in the next few updates.
If you have any more questions or concerns about the introduction of Gems into the game, we would love to hear your feedback and we’ll be looking out for it. We’ve provided links and information for the best way to do that at the bottom of this blog post.

Introducing: The Garden

It would be a little weird if we had a Gardening Update without adding in a garden, right?
We’re aiming to flesh out things in Star Stable Horses so that you, as a player, have a more believable world to immerse yourself in. We also want you to be able to see the impact of the changes that you’re making. In your new garden you’ll be able to plant, grow, and harvest your own crops which you can use in a couple of different ways.

First, we made the treats activity optional! You’ll be able feed your horse with crops grown on your farm for some XP points, but it’s no longer mandatory. And no need to worry about running out of crops, as you can always pick some apples for free, and sell them to get the seeds you need. So use your Gold Coins wisely and watch out for more things to do with them and Gems in the next updates!

Next, and we’re sure you’ve noticed this already, your horse will get tired if you level them up twice in one day. We’re aware that some players have been able to speed things up by changing the clocks on their phones, but you’ll no longer be able to do that with the Gardening Update. Now when your foal gets tired you can recharge their energy by feeding them with the tasty crops you’ve grown in your garden so you can do more tasks to level them up again!

We have more plans for the garden in the future, and more things that players will be able to grow in it. For now we want to give you the foundation and see how you like the new feature.

Any Changes to the Store?

Since you’ll be able to grow your own treats in the garden and purchase individual snacks from the store with Gems, we’ve decided to remove the Snack Pack from the store. However, everyone who bought it will get a free pack of snacks for your horse! You will also be able to purchase the seasonal paddock themes separately with Gems. They will no longer be bundled up in a package. New stalls, stable interior themes and photo filters will still be available to purchase with real money.

Besides that, nothing else is changing in the store with this update! Transferring your horse to Star Stable Online will still require you to link Star Stable Horses to your Star Stable Online account, and you will need enough Star Coins on your account to transfer your horse.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Gardening Update and we cannot wait to hear your feedback. If you’re confused about anything at all, we’ve also updated the Star Stable Horses section of the FAQ on Star Stable. Please let us know what you think of the garden and what other things you would like to see in Star Stable Horses, we would love to hear from you!

There’s two ways for you to give us your feedback:

Post or comment on Social Media using the tag #SSHGardening


Contact us directly through our website: Contact our Customer Support team | Star Stable

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  • Select “I have an idea for Star Stable” from the second drop down
  • Then write your ideas and feedback!

Your ideas will go directly to use so we can carefully consider all our options! We’re so excited to start this new journey in Star Stable Horses with you.

Thank you so much for reading StarFam!