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We’ve got another exciting update to Star Stable Horses to tell you about! If you’ve read our previous dev blog about the Gardening Update, you know that we have already teased more great things and changes coming to the game in the future. Right now the next update is rolling out across all regions on Google Play and the App Store, and it may take up a day for you to get it – but you can read about its content right now! Time to unveil part of the secret!

With the Beauty Salon Update, you can now dress up your horses and foals with a range of adorable accessories! We’re bringing more style to the paddock, but it’s not everything that this update has to offer. It is important to us to give you more options to bond with the foals, so we are also adding a few new features which will focus on building an emotional connection with the horses in your stable. 

And what about rewards for your hard work taking care of your horses? We’ve got you covered! In this update we’re introducing Daily Tasks and Weekly Rewards, so you can benefit from simply taking care of your foals every day.

Let’s not wait any longer and dive into details.

An active horse is a happy horse

One of the biggest changes in this update is how we are changing the horse care system. Just like in real life, your foal will now require your attention and care to stay cheerful. The Mood Bar in the top right corner of the screen will show you the current mood of your horse and every horse you own will have its own bar. 

Logging in every day and performing Caring Tasks with them will keep them happy and trusting. The Mood Bar will decrease a little bit each day, and decrease a lot if you skip or miss a day. Thankfully, your horses are super loveable and forgiving companions in Star Stable Horses, so putting them back in a happy mood will not be difficult. 

Right now there’s no negative impact on having a horse with a low Mood Bar, but there is a new Daily Task (you’ll read more on that soon!) that rewards you for filling the Mood Bar completely! 

Strengthen the bond or increase the level

With the addition of the Mood Bar, we also wanted to make a clear difference between actions that influence the horse’s level or mood. The Quests menu now will show you which tasks will raise their level and which ones will make them happier. 

If you see a heart next to an icon, it means that this activity will increase your horses’ happiness. The Caring Tasks reset daily at midnight. Games which raise a horse’s overall level remain marked by a star and still reward the same amount of experience as before – don’t worry though, we’ve changed around some numbers so that it still takes the same amount of time to level up your horse as before.

The Beauty Salon is open

Taking care of and playing with your horses is fun, but what about dressing them up? Adding a fancy bow to your companion’s mane or tail will make them look more adorable than ever! 

Visit our new Beauty Salon and choose from a variety of options to pretty up your horses. Open the Beauty Salon by tapping on the corresponding button in the menu. You can purchase accessories with Gold Coins or Gems and if you finish the tutorial you will get rewarded with one blue bow right away!

Keep it up and collect rewards

In the previous dev blog, we mentioned our intention to improve the in-game currencies system by giving you more ways of obtaining and spending them. With The Beauty Salon update, we’re adding Daily Tasks and Weekly Rewards to the game. 

Every day, when you log in, you’ll be presented with a different set of objectives to complete. They will reward you with Gold Coins, or tasty treats for your horses. Finishing daily tasks not only grants you extra things every day, but also fills up the weekly progress bar. The reward for completing it is a handful of Gems!

Remember to check in with your horses every day and complete the Daily Tasks in order to get the Weekly Reward. Make sure to have it done before the Daily Tasks reset at midnight!

Fertilize your crops to get double harvest

The final change in this update is the introduction of fertilizer in the garden. Sometimes the soil needs to get that extra boost to keep all your vegetables growing. 

You will notice that after harvesting the same crop patch many times, it will need some time to recover and enter a cooldown state. It can be removed by using a fertilizer, which you can buy in the shop with Gems. Fertilizer removes the cooldown and gives you double the amount of crops for your next harvest! You only need to grab a bag of it (if you have any available) and drag it to the soil patch you want to boost.

As you can see, there are a lot of meaningful changes coming to Star Stable Horses with The Beauty Salon Update. We are really excited to hear your feedback and see all the screenshots of your horse pals with cute accessories!

Please let us know what you think about the new features and what would you like to see added to the game in the future.

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Your ideas will go directly to use so we can carefully consider all our options! We’re so excited to start this new journey in Star Stable Horses with you.

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