Dark Song: A Soul Riders graphic novel

Magical horses and mysterious powers – Join the Soul Riders on an epic new adventure in this beautifully illustrated graphic novel! 

Dark Song is a stand-alone adventure brought to life by the distinguished comic writer Katie Cook and the brilliant young artist Elli Puukangas. 

The Soul Riders meet with their druid allies in Valedale and discover that all is not well in the area. With the help of an unusual guide, they ride east through the wilderness. When Linda has a horrible vision of barren forests and great havoc, the girls realize they are needed to save the land around them from destruction. 

What’s wrong with the mysterious tree that seems to be corrupting all living things around it? Could it be the result of dark magic? 

As the Soul Riders start to unravel the mystery, they are attacked by a dangerous beast and get some unexpected help. But things are not what they seem, and it turns out they have been caught up in someone’s sinister plans. 

Will the Soul Riders learn the truth before it’s too late?

Dark Song is written by Katie Cook and illustrated by Elli Puukangas. Learn more about Elli in a Q&A about her career as an artist and illustrator.