Follow your heart and discover the magic of nature!


In Early Access in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands and United Kingdom on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Wildsong is an enchanting adventure game set in a cozy world full of adorable animals, you can make new friends and connect with nature.

  • Make animal friends—Run free in a gorgeous game landscape filled with the most magical animals you’ve ever seen! Earn their trust, and you might just make a friend for life.
  • Seek and you’ll find—Explore beautiful scenery and forage for food and crafting materials. 
  • Crafting tastes gooood!—Befriend wild animals by combining items and crafting yummy treats for them.
  • Complete fun quests—Collect awesome rewards for going on fun adventures! Get to know more about the characters as you meet kind and friendly people in the game.
  • Express yourself—Customize your look and hang with friends in the in-game emoji chat.
  • Accessorize everything—Get all kinds of treats for your animal besties: bows, hair clips, treats, and more!

See you there ❤️


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