Here’s everything you need to know about the new book series Moorland Stables, including release dates, information about translations, as well as a short introduction to the story.

A new book series set in the Star Stable Universe!

Join a group of horse loving girls through the ups and downs of friendship and life at Moorland Stable! For Layla, Nikki, Astrid, and Ivy, the rustic and lively stables is their second home. Through the Moorland Stables stories, these four friends bond with horses and each other, solve local mysteries, and explore the island of Jorvik, while also dealing with the pressure and challenges faced by young girls today. 

Moorland Stables is a horse book series set in the Star Stable universe, inspired by the successful horse adventure game Star Stable Online and the bestselling Soul Riders novels. Written by equestrian fiction author Catherine Hapka, Moorland Stables is a contemporary take on horse book classics like “The Pony Club” and “The Saddle Club.”

Each of the books will follow one of the main girls, and you can start with any of the titles.

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Moorland Stables – The New Horse

Moorland Stables – The Horse Thief – more information coming soon!

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