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My Horse and Me: Amanda and Stubben

March 15, 2021

Hanna Patch

Horse’s name: Stubben
Nickname: Stubbs or Stubbus
Breed: Warmblooded trotter
Age: 14

Personality (in three words):
Curious, affectionate and opinionated.

Fun fact:
His name, Stubben, literally translates to “The tree stump” in Swedish.

Favorite food:
He loves all kinds of horse treats and his post-ride betfor.

Bad habit:
He tends to rear, turn and jump out on fields when he gets bored, spooked, or annoyed.

If my horse had his way, he would:
Have all the attention and most importantly; all the treats! He can get very upset if other horses get more attention than him.

What I love most about my horse:
I love his personality! He is one of the kindest horses I’ve ever met and a saint in all handling, even if he can have a lot of his own ideas and opinions, especially on trail rides.

Treasured memory:
I’m not sure I have one specific memory, but I treasure those tiny moments where he really trusts me. Like, if he’s been spooked or distressed about something (fallen trees are his nemeses) but still trusts me enough to do his best and actually get past it. He always seems so proud of himself and those moments are really magical!

What I like most about being in the stables:
I love that I can just forget about all the things I have to do for a while and just be in the moment. That I can enjoy the company of horses and like-minded people and be out and experience nature.

My horse-related dreams for the future::
I’m only a co-rider for Stubben, but I really want to have a horse of my own in the future. Hopefully, I’ll get over my stage fright so I can try my hand at competing as well.

Quest, race, or theme you would like to see in Star Stable Online:
I would love a feature where you can create your own showjumping courses in the game, and let friends and club members try them out.

Something I learned from my horse that I can use at work:
I’ve learned to never give up and to keep on trying even when I’m struggling.

About me
Horses and games have always been vital parts of my life. I studied game development at university and I was the biggest horse nerd growing up. I read every book and played every game I could find while taking riding lessons and dreaming of the day I’d get my own pony. In 2005 I got the first Starshine Legacy game and from then on I was hooked! For the first time, a horse game was cool and magical and my love for the world and stories of Jorvik has only grown since. As a long-time fan, it was truly a dream come true to be hired by Star Stable last year, and I love that my work is to help improve a game I’m so passionate about.

Name: Amanda Merlenius
Role at Star Stable Entertainment: QA Analyst