Soul Riders: Four Stories from Jorvik

Four short stories from Jorvik that are full of breathtaking adventures, horses, and magic!

Can’t get enough of the Soul Riders?

Get to know Alex, Lisa, Linda, and Anne even better as you join them on their own exciting adventures in these four personal short stories.

Lisa’s Story: Texas Bluebell

Lisa welcomes the spring weather during her first trail ride of the year, but with spring also comes a flood of painful memories from the riding accident that killed her mother. Is it even possible to enjoy riding or the spring season again after something so terrible?

Anne’s Story: Under the Midnight Sun

Anne clashes with her mother before yet another dressage competition, and escapes to the stables in the middle of the night. Her mother follows her, and they meet during a night ride where they finally get the chance to say what they’ve never dared to reveal to each other before.

Linda’s Story: The Headless Horseman

With the help of her magical powers, Linda comes into contact with the legendary headless horseman, Galloper Thompson, who has ridden across the island as a lost spirit for centuries. Maybe Linda is the one he has been waiting for all of these years?

Alex’s Story: Winterlong

Alex meets a young boy who has been sleeping in one of the empty stalls at Jorvik Stables since his father kicked him out of their home. Alex’s own difficult experiences help her to relate to the mysterious boy and get closer to him, but she soon realizes that everything isn’t what it seems…

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