Soul Riders - Ghost Stories from Jorvik

Soul Riders: Ghost Stories from Jorvik

Curl up by the fire and get lost in these five beautifully illustrated ghost stories from magical Jorvik!

The four Soul Riders Anne, Linda, Alex, and Lisa each receive a mysterious message.

Your friends are in danger.
Ride to the campsite in Goldenhills Valley to find out more.
Don’t tell anyone.

Goldenhills Valley is a strange place. A magical place. Gathering around the warmth of a glowing campfire, the Soul Riders begin to tell ghost stories from their own lives. Things they’ve never told anyone before…
But who has summoned them there – and why? As the shadows deepen and night begins to fall, the four friends slowly find themselves in the middle of the spookiest ghost story of all!

Written by Helena Dahlgren
Cover art and illustrations by Marie Beschorner

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Linda’s Story: Aunt Amal’s Doll

Linda is used to her Aunt Amal buying odd antiques and second hand knick knacks to decorate their home, but there is something strange about the old porcelain doll her aunt just brought home. At first, it’s only Linda’s cat Misty that’s scared of it. It’s not until her Aunt Amal falls ill that Linda understands that she needs to get rid of the doll. But what if it doesn’t want to leave…?

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Anne’s Story: Ticktock

One day, Anne stumbles on a beautiful old clock in an antique store. Even though the clock doesn’t work, Anne buys it and keeps it as a decorative piece next to her bed. The next morning, Anne’s mom seems kind of strange, and it soon dawns on Anne that everything about the day seems too familiar. Almost like it’s happened before… In tune with the tick tock sound of her old clock, time seems to be changing in a most terrifying way. Will Anne’s abilities as a Soul Rider be enough to set things right again?

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Lisa’s Story: A Song for Beatrice

As a passionate musician and singer-songwriter, Lisa Peterson is devastated when her beloved guitar breaks. To save up the money for the expensive repairs, Lisa takes a part-time job at a local nursing home. One evening, while walking alone in one of the nursing home’s long, dark hallways, Lisa hears a beautiful, melancholy song. She follows the sound to an old woman’s room, and it’s there she meets Beatrice. Lisa returns to the old woman’s room night after night, and as time goes by, she learns more about the old woman’s past. It turns out Beatrice’s story – much like Lisa’s – is full of horses, friendship, and exciting adventures. But who is this mysterious old woman, really? And who keeps singing the haunting song that Lisa can’t get out of her head?

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Alex’s Story: Shari’s Mask

To get a break from her dysfunctional family, Alex often wanders the streets alone at night. Growing up on the wrong side of town, she’s not scared of the young gangs who roam the city looking for trouble. At least not until one night, when she’s confronted by a strange looking group whispering about an old legend. They speak of a powerful, masked goddess called Shari. At first, Alex is unfazed. But then her brother James disappears, and as Alex begins to feel a strange power calling to her, she realizes that she must hurry and save her brother before it’s too late.

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The Legend of Glue Man

Have you heard the tale of the Glue Man? They say he roams the stables late at night, looking for horses. Some people think it’s just an urban legend, but they’re wrong. I know, because I met him myself once and I was never the same. Come into the stable and I’ll tell you what happened…

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Author: Helena Dahlgren
Cover art: Marie Beschorner
Read by: Jennifer Jill Araya

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Soul Riders: Ghost Stories from Jorvik