Soul Riders - Ghost Stories from Jorvik

Soul Riders: Ghost Stories from Jorvik

Curl up by the fire and get lost in these five beautifully illustrated ghost stories from magical Jorvik!

The four Soul Riders Anne, Linda, Alex, and Lisa each receive a mysterious message.

Your friends are in danger.
Ride to the campsite in Goldenhills Valley to find out more.
Don’t tell anyone.

Goldenhills Valley is a strange place. A magical place. Gathering around the warmth of a glowing campfire, the Soul Riders begin to tell ghost stories from their own lives. Things they’ve never told anyone before…
But who has summoned them there – and why? As the shadows deepen and night begins to fall, the four friends slowly find themselves in the middle of the spookiest ghost story of all!

Written by Helena Dahlgren
Cover art and illustrations by Marie Beschorner

Audio stories

The ghost stories will also be released as immersive audio stories complete with original music and spooky sound effects. Check back soon for more information!  

Author: Helena Dahlgren
Narrator: Emma Öst
Cover art: Marie Beschorner
Music and sound design: Moa Lenngren, Frida Johansson, and Johan Rask

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Soul Riders: Ghost Stories from Jorvik