Creative writing workshop with Helena Dahlgren – lesson 1

Welcome to a whole new world of creativity! Author of the Soul Riders trilogy, Helena Dahlgren, invites you to join her on a journey through creative writing. 

If you’ve written stories before, or even if you’re just starting out, Helena will, across ten lessons, help you unlock a range of secrets, tricks and tips so that you can level up your creative writing skills!

Helena will introduce you to a new concept in each lesson, as well as a range of tasks she’s designed to help you think and feel more clearly and confidently when it comes to creative writing!

We absolutely love Helena’s writing here at Star Stable, and we’re so delighted when we hear from players, fans and parents that they’ve been loving the magic she’s created in the Soul Riders books. 

So, are you sitting comfortably? Let’s get into it!

Lesson 1: What’s your story?

For my first lesson, I want you to think and feel, rather than write. Yes, there will be exercises, but no actual writing yet. Why, you might ask? Isn’t this creative writing? Why, yes it is! See, when you’re getting ready to write something, it’s important that you’ve spent some time thinking about the kind of story you wish to write. Of course, it is entirely possible to simply sit down and write a story – but even when that happens, the writer has always done a serious amount of thinking first. I promise! There’s a saying that I’ve always liked: writing is not typing. It basically means that a lot of the creative process takes place inside your own mind, not at the computer. When I write the Soul Riders books, I always take my time pondering about everything from plot lines to places and ideas I’d like to explore. Only when I’ve worked that out do I sit down and write. And also, I make lists. So. Many. Lists. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me!

So, for our very first lesson, I want YOU to make a list.

1. What are your favorite genres? Fantasy? Horror? Equestrian novels? Romance? Science fiction? What types of stories make your heart go BOOM as a reader? Write down a few of your favorite genres and books that inspire you! It will come in handy later.

2. Do you have something that you feel passionate about? Could be anything from soccer to animal rights. Write down anything that comes to mind!

3. Complete this sentence: The most important thing in life is…

So, it’s only the first lesson and it’s already this exciting?! We’re already grabbing our notepads and getting ready to write down our favorite books and spend some time thinking about our passions! 

Join us again in the next lesson!