Our sounds and music take our games and content to another level. We collaborate with artists to make music that blurs the lines between Jorvik and real life, always following our instincts to even out the gap in a male-dominated industry.

Glue Man - The Miscreants

Glue Man – The Miscreants

An awesome new single from The Miscreants is out! Read all about it here and check out the lyrics for Glue Man!… Read more!

We Will Get There - Lisa Peterson

We Will Get There – Lisa Peterson

Lisa Peterson has released a new single, We Will Get There! Read all about the new single, sing-along with lyrics and play along with chords!… Read more!

How does Jorvik sound?

How does Jorvik sound?

Music scores, ambient sounds and user interface feedback sounds… it all has to work together in an interactive experience…. Read more!


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