Fire – Lyrics and music video!

Fire is the theme song from Star Stable’s animated series Mistfall. Nomi is a visual and music artist who is kicking off her solo career with this epic single. The lyrics describe the contrast between young and old, hope and doubt. Life can be challenging, but we keep fighting for something more!

Official music video for Fire

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Fire lyrics

The child and the old troll
wandering along
Walking through a land
A land they’re calling Doubt

a long long time ago
this land was colorful
filled with love and joy
where no one felt alone

side by side they go
Off to their desires
although they were still down
down in the hot fire
hmm fire
hmm fire
hmm fire

I am the little child
holding hands with the old troll
I’ve always felt too young
I’ve always felt so old

I’m living inside a land,
a land that is full of doubts
I fear it is too late
still aiming for my fate

side by side we go
Off to our desires
And we keep on walking
walking through the fire

hmm fire
hmm fire
hmm fire

My world collide
it burns inside
I’m teared apart
but I will fight

hmm fire
hmm fire
hmm fire

Credits to Fire by Nomi

Lyrics & music: Nomi and Slowface
Producer: Slowface

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