DJ Kai – Party starter on Jorvik

DJ Kai is the main party starter on the island of Jorvik. She performs at some of Star Stable’s major in-game events with her slamming original tracks and Star Stable artist remixes.

DJ Kai - star stable artist

”Yo I’m Kai, professional DJ, mixing up the tunes here at this party. Do I know you? Maybe not, I mostly perform at venues in Jorvik City.”

DJ Kai

Remixes by DJ Kai:
The Game, 2019
Waiting, 2019
R U Ready, 2019
Through It All, 2019
Stars, 2019
I Hate Plastic, 2019
Soul Riders, 2020

DJ Kai is a girl who lives in Jorvik City and loves music. She is quite competitive and is not a very big fan of hobbyist musicians.

Most often, DJ Kai plays venues in Jorvik City but has also been seen in the Winter Village lately.

The name Kai

Depending on which language the name Kai derives from, it has a multitude of meanings.

  • In Hawaiian the meaning of Kai is sea.
  • In Chinese the name comes from kǎi and means triumph, victory, music of triumph.
  • In Swedish the name can be a variant of Kaja which comes from the Greek meanings of ”each of the two”, ”my consecration of your name”, ”torture” or ”pure”.
DJ Kai - I Hate Plastic

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