The sound and vision of Nomi Bontegard

Nomi Bontegard’s dream has always been to bring to life all the ideas in her head, and she’s already well on her way. Her visual arts skills have found an outlet in her work as a game artist and animator at Star Stable, where she models, textures, and creates horses.

Singles by Nomi:

Fire, 2021
Now I know, 2021

Nomi is also a singer and songwriter, she’s been collaborating with music producers while studying game development at Futuregames in Stockholm. She has released a couple of singles on Spotify with over 6 million streams, teaming up with acts like Hot Shade and Charlie Who?

Nomi in Star Stable: Mistfall

Now she’s ready to take the next step as a solo artist with Fire, the epic theme song from the Star Stable: Mistfall series! Written by Nomi and the song’s producer Slowface, Fire describes the contrast between young and old, hope and doubt. Life can be challenging, but we keep fighting for something more!

Fun Nomi facts:

Nomi raises moths and butterflies. Especially moths because they are so cute and fluffy!

She just got her first horse of her own, an Irish Cob called Runestone, or Rune for short. 

Nomi attended a high school where you could live on campus and bring your animals with you while studying horses and animal welfare.

Check out the lyrics and official music video for Fire!

Fire – Live performance

Watch the live performance of Fire!

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