The New Horse – first Moorland Stables book

Welcome to Moorland Stables! When the new horse Galaxy arrives at the stable, Layla knows that she’s her dream horse. When their eyes meet it’s as if they can talk to each other without words.

But even if Layla thinks that Galaxy is absolutely perfect, it seems something isn’t quite right with her. Neither the teachers or the other riders are able to ride her. So when Layla hears that stable owner Thomas Moorland talks about selling the impossible the horse, there’s only one thing to do – she has to come up with a way to make Galaxy stay!

Moorland Stables is a horse book series set in the Star Stable universe, inspired by the successful horse adventure game Star Stable Online and the bestselling Soul Riders novels. Written by equestrian fiction author Catherine Hapka, the novels can be read either as stand alone, or in whatever order you choose!

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Own Galaxy in the game!

Do you want to own Galaxy from The New Horse in Star Stable Online? Now you can! Go to Fort Pinta and she can be yours for 900 Star Coins.

More books in the Moorland Stables trilogy

Moorland Stables – The Horse Thief – more information coming soon!