Beat lockdown boredom with FREE reading goodies from Star Stable!

Welcome to a truly magical world – you’re about to jump into some incredible stories!

Staying entertained in tough times!
Stay-at-home boredom is the worst, and Star Stable is here to help! In this strange and sometimes scary situation, we’re here for you – we want to help you have fun and stay connected with your friends online, because even though we might be stuck at home, it doesn’t mean we can’t be together.

Special quarantreats!
To help everyone stay switched on and entertained, we’ve decided to celebrate the release of our brand new book with a little extra surprise. We’re giving you 5 free chapters of Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling to read – the full book is in stores now!

Click here to saddle up for adventure with your free chapters, or click here to buy the full book from Amazon. US readers can also purchase the book from Bookshop.

Discuss the book with friends and parents
To help you jump even deeper into the magic, we’re also giving away a unique set of discussion hints and tips based on what you’ve read in the book. Designed to share with friends and parents, this special sheet is packed with talking points for you to experience with your favorite peeps!

Unique creative writing workshop with Helena Dahlgren
As you read through the discussion tips, you might get the feeling you want to use them to write down how you think and feel about the book. Creating your own mini writing assignment will hopefully inspire you to warm up those writing skills and get involved with our amazing Soul Riders author Helena Dahlgren, who has created 10 unique creative writing lessons exclusively for fans of Star Stable’s books and games.

You won’t want to miss this chance to level up your writing skills, so click here to get started with the first lesson!

A free short story audiobook
Audiobooks are a wonderful way to escape the here and now, and Star Stable wants to take you on a journey into the world of Lisa and Starshine in our short story Texas Bluebell. As Lisa rides out for another day of adventure on the beautiful Starshine, she’s troubled by some difficult memories. Find a cozy spot and curl up with this special audiobook experience!

Listen to Lisa’s special Soul Rider story!

Alone, but never lonely
Star Stable is so lucky to have such a caring community – a true StarFam of players all over the world! Helping you stay connected is one of the biggest gifts we get from making our games, books, and music. When things in the real world seem unclear or a little worrying, we want to make extra sure that you know Star Stable is here for you. So log into the game and hang with your friends, take time out to enjoy some music or break away into another world in the Soul Rider stories.

Lockdown, quarantine, social distancing: it’s a tricky time for millions of people everywhere, and whatever name we give it, staying at home away from people we love can make us feel alone. Remember, though: in Jorvik, nobody ever has to be lonely.