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About the surveys for #YesImAHorseGirl

September 16, 2022

Hanna Patch

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In this edition of the Star Stable blog, we’d like to show you more about the numbers behind #YesImAHorseGirl .🔢🐴👧 In case you missed it, this awesome initiative is all about owning and embracing any stereotypes surrounding horse girls. You can read more about it and take part here

We know that horse girls are thick-skinned, confident, brave, and much more.

Unfortunately, we also know there are negative stereotypes associated with horse girls. We wanted to dig deeper and find out more about how this affects both our community and the wider world, and what can be done about it.

As part of the project, we conducted two surveys where we turned to you, our SSO community, for insights and answers, in English (12,200 responses) and German (4,200 responses). So that’s a total of more than 16,400 participants!

Below are some of our most interesting findings.🕵️‍♀️ If you’d like to check out the survey results yourself, they are linked below.

Highlights from the Star Stable Online survey

We made a survey for our Star Fam to answer and share their experiences on the topic.

• The most common stereotypes seen or heard around ”horse girls” were obsessed (77%), crazy (72%), weird (71%), and annoying (60%).

• 73% said that ”horse girl” is generally used in a rude way.

• 60% have been bullied for their interest in horses.

• 42% say there is a negative judgment attached to playing horse games.

• Close to one in four (23%) said that negative judgements around horse girls or the equestrian world had led them to want to quit riding or hide their interest in horses.

Horse riding makes respondents feel: free (83%), alive (76%), confident (66%), and proud (60%).

• Riding digital horses was also linked to strong positive feelings and personal development. Making friends (58%), building confidence (32%), and problem solving (31%) were benefits of playing the game highlighted by players.

So there you have it! Sadly, the negative stereotypes around ”horse girl” remain, and they are affecting some people’s lives, especially younger girls. This can lead to bullying and even cause people to quit riding or hide their interest in horses. However, we can also see that horse riding and equestrianism, both in real life and in games, are associated with so many positive feelings and experiences!

This motivates us even more to change the conversation around horse girls, and #YesImAHorseGirl is just the beginning! We hope that you’ve found this info interesting and relevant. If you’d like to read the surveys, follow the links below. And if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas about this initiative, please get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, we want to make sure our players feel good and safe in and outside the game. If you or your friend has experienced bullying inside the game, reach out to customer service so they can take action!