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A marketing collaboration between Star Stable and H&M

Star Stable Entertainment is proudly collaborating with H&M We Love Horses. H&M has run equestrian sponsorships since 1996, and are communicating their support through the H&M We Love Horses platform.

Two Swedish show jumping riders, Malin Baryard Johnsson and Peder Fredricson, together with the Belgian twins Olivier and Nicola Philippearts, make up Team H&M We Love Horses. All four have been very successful as show jumping riders. They all started to ride horses at a young age and have competed in both European and World Championships.

For the collaboration between Star Stable Entertainment and H&M We Love Horses, a real-life course will be recreated in Star Stable Online for the campaign period in October. The fully playable course is a replica of the H&M Grand Prix course at the Sweden International Horse Show. An H&M riding jacket is also being given away for the players to wear in the game.

Lisa, Star Stable’s 3D Artist, shows Peder Fredricson how to create a horse in-game

Don’t miss the video where Star Stable’s Lisa shows Peder Fredricson how a horse is created in Star Stable Online. She also talks to Peder about competitions, creativity, and of course, horses!

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