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My Horse and Me: Rune and Nomi

December 11, 2020

Hanna Patch

Horse name: Runestone
Nickname: Rune or Runiebunie
Breed: Irish Cob
Age: Yearling

Personality (in three words):
Curious, cuddly and fluffy!

Fun fact:
I got the name Runestone from the Star Stable Online name generator, and it’s stuck with me ever since. It’s a beautiful name that refers to Swedish history and Vikings, and Rune is a cute nickname!

Favorite food:
Of all the horses I’ve met, he’s the first one who actually likes eating minerals. He loves carrots, though! We haven’t tried very many kinds of food yet since I just got him. But someday I’ll do a test and see what kind of fruit he prefers!

Bad habit:
His fetlocks get super dirty during the winter, before the snow arrives, I don’t know if that’s a bad habit though!

If my horse had his way, he would:
It’s hard to say this early; many of the habits he has now may disappear, and he might develop other habits in the future. But he really likes food and candy, so if he had his way, he’d probably have a carrot buffet!

What I love most about my horse:
He has such an adorable, chill, and calm personality. He’s brave for his age and goes along with everything. He’s also a quick learner. I’m still getting to know him, but he is so eager to do things right and learn, which makes me very proud.

Treasured memory:
The journey to find my first horse will be forever treasured in my heart. It’s something special, like the greatest Christmas feeling – except that it is a gift from yourself and not from Santa. My family isn’t all that interested in horses, so it’s been quite a challenge. I’m both proud and thankful to finally find my – hopefully – lifelong companion. Thanks to Star Stable, this dream was possible – at first, I took care of digital horses to fill that need in my life. Later I got to work with Star Stable Online, and having my first job made it possible for me to have a horse in my spare time. Now I don’t have to search on the web for references all the time. I can just go to the stable for inspiration and references for creating digital horses, which is very helpful!

What I like most about being in the stables:
To get away and work out at the same time, since I can totally relax and let go of everything else for a while. I just love going into the barn, that first horsey smell, saying hi to my horse, and having little adventures every day.

My horse-related dreams for the future:
I would love to do mounted archery with Runestone in the future! Go out hiking, and have a well-trained horse that I can take with me everywhere. My favorite horse training is western and relation-based trick training.

My goal is for Runestone to be the coolest, safest and calmest companion possible around people and new places.

Nomi Bontegard

Quest, race, or theme you would like to see in Star Stable Online:
Mounted archery for sure! I’d love to be able to dress up my horse in epic armor and medieval gear and role-play in the game.

Something I learned from my horse that I can use at work:
The connection to horses we get IRL is somehow just as magical as in Star Stable Online. Knowing and experiencing this makes it more natural to transfer into a game because you understand what it’s like. I think it’s important to enable everyone to be able to have a horse. Even though they may not be able to afford it in real life, they can have one in digital form in a game, where the experience should be as true to real life as possible.

About me

Name: Nomi Bontegard
Role at Star Stable Entertainment: 3D artist, animator and musician