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My Horse and Me: Shaq and Moose

June 9, 2021

Hanna Patch

Horse’s name: Mr. Filch
Nickname: Moose
Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: 9

Personality (in three words):
Safe, Grumpy, Sleepy

Fun fact:
My mom gave Moose the name Mr. Filch, because when she met him for the first time she thought he was an old man because he can be pretty grumpy and his forelock is short and spikey – just like Argus Filch from Harry Potter.

Favorite food:
It’s a tie between German Horse Muffins and Peppermints – he will do ANYTHING you ask for either.

Bad habit:
Moose is SUPER lazy. He will canter in front, and trot in the back for as long as he can before picking up a real canter.

If my horse had his way, he would:
Sleep and eat all day every day.

What I love most about my horse:
How reliable he is. Moose is only 9, but he has such a safe and reliable nature – he is the horse that gives you confidence, teaches you to be assertive and teaches you so much about yourself. He has the most soulful brown eyes that feel like he’s seeing inside of you. It’s calming and reassuring.

Treasured memory:
My favourite memory of Moose is the first day that I met him. I went with his seller to get him from the paddock and he walked right over to me, put his head into his halter, and followed me into the barn like he had known me his entire life. Before I even sat on him, I loved him and knew he’d be coming home with me.

What I like most about being in the stables:
I like learning things from the horses. Watching them interact with each other, interact with nature, and interact with me is fascinating and fills me with so much happiness inside.

My horse-related dreams for the future::
I would love to ride Moose in hunter paces this fall. He is a great trail horse and I have dreams of cantering him in big open fields!

Something I learned from my horse that I can use at work:
I’ve learned to be calm from Moose. He’s a very easy-going horse by nature, and rarely spooks. When things get chaotic, he may be very aware, but he keeps his composure.

About me
Hi! I’m Shaq- I’m the author of theblackequestrian blog where I talk about diversity and inclusion in the horse world, and bring readers along with me on my riding journey from a beginner to the show ring! I own two off the track thoroughbreds named Bear & Moose who I hope will become my jumping partners. I only started riding two years ago, but I have learned so much in that time and I aim to share what I’ve learned with other beginner riders.

Name: Shaq Blake
Social Handles: @theblackequestrian