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My Horse and Me: Zäta

February 22, 2021

Hanna Patch

Horse’s name: Ulysse de Bornival Z
Nickname: Zäta
Age: 9
Breed: KWPN, Zangersheide

Personality (in three words):
Calm, curious, and super nice.

Fun fact:
He is the most relaxed when he’s away for a competition. Then he eats his hay laying down in the box during the day even if it is a lot of movement in the stable with people and horses going back and forward.

Favorite food:
He loves his müsli and slobber, his favorite snack is carrots. We have a basket of carrots in the stable and he notices if anyone just passes the basket…  

Bad habit:
Not so many bad habits, but he’s always searching for zippers or things on your jacket to nibble on.

If my horse had their way, they would:
He would gladly be jumping fences all day.

Treasured memory:
When he and my daughter were placed in an international showjumping competition in Denmark!

What I like most about being in the stables:
Being around horses is always a good thing for my soul, and also meeting other people with different horses and goals.

Quest, race, or theme you would like to see in Star Stable Online:
Maybe more showjumping?

Something I learned from my horse that I can use at work:
I have been horseback riding since I was small and have always been around horses and working in stables. It’s always hard work and you get nothing for free, which made me strong minded and has given me a fighting spirit. Taking initiatives and leadership just come naturally. I’ve become a problem-solver and I don’t leave anything behind. But I also have a high need for control, maybe we should ask my manager if that’s a good or bad thing.

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