Star Stable: Mistfall Short Stories

Star Stable: Mistfall short stories!

Introducing four exciting tales that expand the world of the animated series Star Stable: Mistfall! These stories are told through the eyes of some of the main characters in the series: Skye, Blaze, Rania, Dellingr, and Jorvik Ranger Sam.

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Wild At Heart

Six-year-old Grace makes an unlikely friend when she stumbles upon a mysterious horse on the edge of her family’s property. The horse is in trouble and Grace thinks she can help, but her father doesn’t trust the wild mare around his daughter. Will Grace be able to help the horse? And is the wild horse really as dangerous as Grace’s father says? 

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In Flames

When Skye Rowan is blamed for yet another thing going wrong, she grabs her camera and takes a walk around her neighborhood in New York City. Why does her mom always have to blame her for everything? Later that night, she dreams about a strange horse and wild, twisting flames. She wakes up to find that the nightmare is far from over…

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Through Your Eyes

When Rania Varanger and her horse Dellingr hear panicked cries for help in the distance, they know they have to act quickly. They follow the cries to a nearby river where they find a young girl in a dire situation. Rania and Dellingr are known for being a dynamic duo, but can they work together to rescue the girl before it’s too late? 

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Ashes To Ashes

A raging forest fire forces Head Ranger, Sam, to face the thing he’s feared most since his childhood: fire. Despite his fear, he jumps into action and does his best to get everyone to safety. But when a spooked horse starts galloping in the direction of the fire, Sam is forced to face his childhood fear head on. The experience puts Sam’s determination to the test, and raises more questions about the mysterious new girl, Skye. 

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