The first Soul Riders trilogy

Here’s all you need to know about the books in the first Soul Riders trilogy, including release dates, information about translations, as well as a short introduction to the story.

Star Riders Book Trilogy

The trilogy is now available in English!

Set on the island of Jorvik, the first Soul Riders trilogy is an epic fantasy story about magic, friendship, and horses. The story follows the Soul Riders, four heroes who share a magical bond with their horses and each other. Anne, Lisa, Alex, and Linda have been chosen by destiny. With the help of the island’s mystical druids, they embark on a dangerous adventure to save the world from Garnok, an ancient, terrible being of immense power.

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Jorvik Calling – First book in the trilogy
The Legend Awakens – Second book in the trilogy
Darkness Falling – Third book in the trilogy

Find out more about the author Helena Dahlgren in an interview about working on the Soul Riders books.